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CAM Institute for Health and Wellness has a goal. We want to change the face of healthcare permanently. Our objective is to faze out the old model and replace it with a totally new model based on prevention first.

Statistics and studies have for years supported the concept of prevention first. It makes total sense that if you get an individual healthy, they are better equipped and possibly less susceptible to injury, disease and other syndromes that are ever present both outside and inside the workplace.

CAM Institute for Health and Wellness is uniquely qualified to initiate this change. We have put together an incredible wellness team of highly qualified, intelligent and forward thinking practitioners and created a model that allows both the business and the provider success in accident, injury and disease prevention.

We are not offering a new insurance policy but an “IN-HOUSE” service that helps us keep our cost down so you, the company, save not only in increased productivity, less down time and more energy from your employees, but you save money from time lost going to and from the “doctors office” for  a visit. WE COME TO YOU. This saves us overhead and we pass that saving on to you also. WIN, WIN, WIN. That’s how we see it. We win in contracting with forward thinking companies who take care of their employees and you win in increased revenue and productivity from your employees at a better more affordable cost..

Peruse further through our site and if you are interested, send us an email or if you want to sign up immediately, go to our “Company Contract” page and fill out the form there or you can click here to access the page.

Thank you for your interest in CAM Institute for Health and Wellness and we look forward to a long and productive relationship with our partner companies, we hope you are one of them.

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